version 1.1 & thanks

hey there,

good morning recently hit 100 downloads, which is mind boggling to think about.  to everyone who read, and to everyone who had nice things to say about it: thank you so much<3

im definitely looking to make more visual novels in the future. there might also be another (bigger?) update to this game at some point. stay tuned!

love you
- meri


  • comprehensive dialogue rework of the last day, adding more content and making things flow a bit better
  • fixes some of the most egregious reading comprehension errors (please let me know if you had trouble understanding something)
  • black background is now less black


Windows 132 MB
Version 1.1 Jul 13, 2022
Mac 114 MB
Version 1.1 Jul 13, 2022
Linux 114 MB
Version 1.1 Jul 13, 2022

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